Frequently Asked Question

Are You Certified Diver ?

If you are not certified diver,you must choose Introductory Dive even Open Water Dive Course to dive.

If you are certified diver, you can choose one or more dive sites to plan diving and how many days you wanna dive.
We suggest you to be able to show us your legal paper from Physichian mentioning condition of your health and your dive log book as well.

I had lung disease long long time ago,can i still booking dive trip ?

You must go to the doctor to make sure that your mental and physicly healthy.

How to Book ?

In every Dive Course and Dive Trips there’s Book Now ! button,

just click those button,complete the form and then select Book Now !

Then, please wait for our confirmation.

How to Book Courses, or Trip if i dont have any email ?

You can use Whatsapp or via phone/sms in +6282-146-469-654

How to Pay for dive activities ?

After you have booked,you will receive email confirmation  about payment from us.

Which pick up areas are included in the package ?

Complimentary pick up applies from Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur.

Pick up outside the above area, we must load you up with small charge of 11 US$ per person.

What dive gear are included in the package ?

  • Mask,
  • Snorkel,
  • Fin,
  • Wetsuit,
  • Boots,
  • BCD, and
  • Regulator.

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